Moffet, September 7, 2023 – The adrenaline was at its peak at the Pavillon des Quinze in Moffet, as a hundred international and up-and-coming athletes gathered there for the opening ceremony of the 2nd edition of the Raid Témiscamingue, a stage race that takes place over two days combining multiple disciplines in the forest and on bodies of water, which will be televised in 162 countries. An exceptional showcase for Témiscamingue. 

Set up by the Société de développement du Témiscamingue and organized by Endurance Aventure, this is the first time that a Stage Raid has been accepted on the World Series (ARWS), the largest and most prestigious series in the world for athletes. Jean-Thomas Boily, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Endurance Aventure, indicates that this is an asset for the continuation of the Raid Témiscamingue: “After more than 20 years in the organization of Raid Aventure and other international events, we are proud to to have joined the World Series (ARWS). This step format will grow in popularity and we have believed in it for a long time. » 

Participants will be in teams of two and will have to cover more than 160 km by canoe, bike, trekking, swimming and rope sections over three days while orienting themselves with a map and compass. Team spirit is at the heart of this extraordinary challenge.

International teams and quality media coverage 

25 teams will take part in this exceptional adventure, notably from Mexico, Brazil, Finland and Uruguay with Rubben Manduray, a renowned athlete dedicated to adventure racing since 2000. Several teams from all over Quebec and Ontario will be in action in addition to the many regional teams. La Ruta Madre, Mexico’s team of Javier Barreda and Melissa Lambert, say it is an event they have been looking forward to for several months: “We’re very excited because we’ve never raced in Canada and we look forward to sharing the trails with adventurers who have the same interests as us. We love adventure challenges and even more when they lead us to explore new places.” 

The whole thing will be covered by legendary adventure journalist Wladimir Togumi, a member of the Hall of Fame of the World Series (ARWS), who has followed nearly a hundred adventure races in his 23-year career. The SleepMonsters team, the world reference in adventure racing for two decades, will also be present with its significant media reach.

Starting tomorrow, Friday, September 8 from 10:30 a.m., the Raid will begin with its “Youth” race, a 20 km course to be completed in less than 3 hours, during which 50 teenagers from Témiscamingue aged between 13 and 17 will push their limits. These young people will live an exceptional experience as they will be paired up and accompanied by the athletes of the Raid International. 

The departure for the Raid International will be in Moffet, Saturday September 9 at 8 a.m., and the arrivals are scheduled for Sunday September 10 between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. at the municipal park of Angliers. 

This kick-off took place in a festive atmosphere as it was also the beginning of the Festival des Arts du Témiscamingue. To follow the race and be aware of the possible points of encouragement, consult the Facebook Raid Témiscamingue page, the Instagram Raid Témiscamingue page and the Raid Témiscamingue website. You can follow the athletes live throughout the Raid.

About the Raid Temiscamingue 

The Raid Témiscamingue is a spectacular race organized by the Société de développement du Témiscamingue, the MRC de Témiscamingue and Endurance Aventure in collaboration with some twenty regional organizations. 

For Témiscamingue, this international visibility is part of the goal of developing and promoting nature adventure tourism. The Raid Témiscamingue makes it possible to highlight the immense forest territory, the beauty of the bodies of water and the quality of the landscapes to outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. 

The visibility of the 2021 Raid Témiscamingue reached an audience of 1,435,271,000 households in traditional media in addition to a digital reach of 1,751,645,500 users. The value of this visibility has been assessed at more than $15 million. 

Témiscamingue was also seen in all its authenticity thanks to a report viewed in 162 countries, on 78 international media and translated into 16 languages. Remember that the complete program, launched last June, was also broadcast on RDS as well as on other sports channels present in all the continents of the globe. A television production team will be present on site to capture the 2023 edition, which will be broadcast internationally and on RDS. 

To carry out an event of this magnitude, several partners came to financially support the lead organizations, including Canada Economic Development (CED) for the regions of Quebec. “The Raid international Témiscamingue is a high-level outdoor event of international caliber that promotes the collaboration of community organizations in the region. Our government is investing $827,500 to support this edition of this global event and the next two years. Helping local organizations grow and innovate while remaining competitive is at the heart of our actions and this is what we will continue to do to stimulate the region’s tourism economy,” mentioned the Honorable Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for CED.

This event is made possible thanks to financial contributions from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions, the Government of Quebec and many other financial partners.



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