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September 5 to 8, 2024

Raid International Témiscamingue 2024 Film

Témiscamingue Raid
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Témiscamingue is a resource region characterized by its vast expanses of forest, farmlands, numerous lakes and rivers, diverse fauna, and the quality of its landscapes. The forestry industry, agriculture, vacation resorts, and nature-based recreational tourism activities have flourished thanks to the region’s rich natural resources. The territory is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of wide-open spaces!

Concept behind the Raid

In teams of two, participants will have three days to navigate by map and compass a course of more than 160 km while kayaking, biking, trekking, adventure swimming, and completing rope challenges!

The Raid international Témiscamingue will begin on Friday afternoon with a Youth Raid. The 50 young teams will be accompanied by the 50 adults to start the race.

The race will be supplemented by a variety of events, beginning with a grand opening ceremony on Thursday evening and ending with a festive banquet on Sunday. Four days of activities for an exceptional Témiscamienne experience. This event will be held in the heart of the Anishinaabe territory, making it a showcase for Indigenous culture thanks to a close partnership with local First Nations communities.

Raid Témiscamingue takes place in a wonderful natural setting

Push yourself and cross the finish line as a united team.

The Raid International Témiscamingue is a 150-km race in the wilderness that combines swimming, mountain biking, running, canoeing and, of course, other surprise rope activities. Navigation is by map and compass only!

The course

Participants must reach various checkpoints located in the region’s most spectacular sites.

The challenges

Running, trekking, mountain biking, canoeing and climbing will be the travel modes through this pristine, wilderness environment.

The athletes

The Raid is completed in teams of two. Participants will navigate the course as a duo and will have to dig deep and tap all their strength to achieve this extraordinary feat.

Distance Raid International Témiscamingue

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Walking-running on trails, in rivers and in the forest

Race or trek across a mix of on-trail and off-trail sections using a compass to guide you!

Orientering (marked and unmarked trail routes)

Competency with a map and compass is essential for a successful Raid Témiscamingue!

Mountain biking

Mountain biking offers access to the best panoramic views of the region, as long as you’re ready and willing to carry the bike on your shoulders!


Canoeing is a traditional and typically Canadian activity that is an absolute must for Endurance Aventure raids.

Témiscamingue is home to navigable lakes and rivers that seem to stretch forever…

Swimming in rivers or lake

That’s right, at Endurance Aventure, we like to get wet! Swimming, regardless of the water temperature, will be a key part of the Raid Témiscamingue!

Rope challenges (zip line, rappelling, slackline)

Participants will be amazed by the spectacular views—sometimes high, sometimes wide—as they tackle the rope challenges!

© SEPAQ – Parc Opemican

Many other surprises!

The Youth Raid

The Raid jeunesse gives young people from Temiscamingue a unique sporting experience in their region. The 50 teams of two youth aged 13 to 17 will need to show resilience and push past their limits! The event will be promoted in schools by a campaign that includes a tour of classrooms to encourage involvement as an athlete or volunteer, and to highlight the value of the event. healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to being encouraged and prepared to take part in the race, young people will be involved in all aspects of Raid programming as athletes, volunteers or supporters . Volunteers can be involved in TV production, animation, photography and race logistics.

Raid jeunesse 2024

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Refund policy

Register now
Registration closes January 15, 2024

The selection of the 25 teams will be announced in mid-January 2024.

A 30% discount is offered to teams of participants who are residents of Témiscamingue. Contact Endurance Aventure for details. Discounted places are limited to 3 teams.

Registration includes

Required equipment

At all times

Mandatory equipment per person at all times (from start to finish)


Mandatory equipment for the canoe section


Compulsory equipment per person for the bicycle section

In the air!

Mandatory equipment for the ropes section

A little extra!

Recommended equipment

Many unexpected things can happen during a Raid, so we recommend the following articles:

Technical information

Support team

Role of assistants:

RIT Rules

The race handbook is an important document that racers and assistants must read, understand and sign. Here’s the link to download it. Enjoy your reading!


Required equipment

The organization

“The Raid Témiscamingue is a collective project organized by the Société de développement du Témiscamingue and the MRC du Témiscamingue in collaboration with the Endurance Aventure team. The project already brings together some twenty partners who work together to make it an exceptional and inclusive event in the Temiscamingue region.

Contact us to join us as a partner in this daring race through exceptional territory!

Finally, what links all the links in this great project is, of course, passion! Passion for sports, for the outdoors, for adventure and strong emotions.

become a volunteer

We need volunteers to ensure the success of this major event:

donnez votre nom dès maintenant

Ambroise Lycke
Raid Témiscamingue coordinator
819 629-3355 ext. 111
Cell. : 819 629-8526

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A Raid requires careful preparation and raises many questions. Here are some answers!

Do I need an assistant?

A canoe is provided for each team, complete with PFDs and paddles. If you have need a canoe from the organization, you must send us an e-mail request before March 1, 2024. Please write to:

Rq: You can (if you wish) bring your own canoe and

your paddles. The canoe must be made of plastic (T-formex, Royalex or other).

plastics). Fiber canoes are not accepted (fiberglass),

carbon, kevlar, etc.). Please note that the canoe will be used during the prologue.

by a team of young people.

● Paddles will be provided by the organization if requested.

Do I need an assistant?

Yes, each team must have at least one assistant with a vehicle to transport equipment between transitions.

Can I have more than one assistant?

Yes, it’s strongly recommended, not to mention much more pleasant for the assistant!

Is the canoe provided by the organization?

Is the canoe provided by the organization?

When will we receive the course maps?

You will receive the maps and roadbooks at the same time as your race number at registration.

Can we wear a smart watch?

No, only regular watches are accepted as GPS devices are not allowed.

Is GPS allowed?

No, GPS is not allowed.

What is the assistant’s role?

The assistant prepares the race equipment and transports it between transitions (canoe, bikes, etc.). They can give advice on race strategies.

Contact us

Write to us if you have any questions or simply want to be added to our mailing list!

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